You Don’t Want Dirty Clothes, Do You?

You Don’t Want Dirty Clothes, Do You?

Schedule your washer and dryer repair in Jamestown & Kernersville, NC

Naturally, your washing machine is going to breakdown on you halfway through a cycle. Put At Your Service Today Appliance Repair on the case. We provide all of the washer repair and dryer repair services you need in Jamestown & Kernersville, NC.

Call us as soon as you notice issues with your washer or dryer. We can schedule same-day or next-day repair services.

A well-maintained dryer is one that won’t break down on you

The best way to avoid a costly dryer repair is to schedule regular maintenance. At Your Service Today Appliance Repair provides scheduled maintenance services for your dryer. Your dryer can be a fire hazard if it’s not properly maintained.

When we do regular maintenance on your dryer, we’ll:

  • Check the vent hose
  • Inspect the hood exhaust to make sure the airflow is strong
  • Clean the vent hose and vent system
  • Keep the lint filter clean (something you can and should also do yourself)
We can also provide regular washer maintenance, which will help you avoid unnecessary washer repair work.

Schedule dryer and washer maintenance services right away in Jamestown & Kernersville, NC.